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Plucking vs. Waxing vs. Threading...

Summers in Houston force many of us to adopt a less-is-best approach to everything. With the exception of air conditioning, that is.

The approach works not only for fashion, but also for beauty as well. Most women put away their heavy foundations and dark colors, opting for a lighter, more natural look.

Along with bronzed skin and soft, glossy lips, eyebrows take center stage during the long, hot summer. This is the ideal time to take control of your brows, so I turned to two experts for advice.

Iranian-born Zhila Golshan learned threading, a Middle Eastern method of hair removal, as a child. Her mother took her along when she got it done, and Golshan quickly picked up the technique.

"I was 5, and my mother gave me a piece of thread to keep me quiet," she said. "The neighbor woman who threaded my mother showed me. It is a custom among the women in my country."

Golshan recommends threading over waxing or sugaring, which is a paste of sugar, water and lemon juice that has been heated to the soft-candy stage. Body Sugaring Brazilian Bikini Houston Texas Sweet Sensation. -- BILL OLIVE: For the Chronicle

Zhila Golshan performs an eyebrow technique called threading on a client in her studio, Sweet Sensation.

She said it provides clean lines and good shape with minimal discomfort. "I like to call it natural Botox for the eyebrows," she said.

My clients have tried waxing, but said a bad experience led them back to threading. She sees Golshan at Sweet Sensation regularly for brow upkeep.

When clients come in for an appointment, Golshan first brushes their brows to determine the best shape.

"Everybody is different; it is really up to the face of the person," she said. "You shouldn't make the eyebrows too wide, it will make your nose look bigger. A longer brow means your eyes will look bigger."

Once she has a plan and has consulted with her client, Golshan takes a long piece of cotton thread, puts one end in her mouth and begins twisting the other end along the surface of the skin entwining the hair with the thread, lifting it from the follicle. Golshan follows up the threading with careful tweezing and then applies aloe vera gel to clean and calm the skin.

When asked to rate the discomfort level, the client said she didn't find threading painful and was pleased with the results.

Golshan said depending on the shape of a person's eyebrows, the procedure can take between 10 and 15 minutes and costs between $10 and $15. A client whose eyebrows require more attention can take up to 45 minutes the first time and can cost $20. Threading keeps hair at bay for three to eight weeks.

Although some clients to ask to have their eyebrows sugared, Golshan said sugaring is better suited for hair removal below the neck.

"Sugaring is great for bikini and Brazilian waxing," Golshan said. "Sugar is fantastic for the body and is an exfoliator for the skin."

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